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Micro-Fantasy Annual All-Sport Host Digital Pass (Commish Software License)

Micro-Fantasy Annual All-Sport Host Digital Pass (Commish Software License)

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The Annual All-Sport Host Digital Pass grants you the Founding Commish title with the ability to host unlimited free-to-enter in-game, in-play micro-fantasy sports competitions for your friends during any live pro sports games featured on the Play Caller platform for an entire year! This includes pro football, pro basketball and pro baseball live games (with pro soccer coming soon!).

The $99 price is a 67% discount vs. purchasing individual sport-specific passes for the major US sports ($99 each, $297 total) and is available in extremely limited quantity to celebrate our beta launch and our Founding Commish group.  

Once an Annual All-Sport Host Digital Pass is purchased, you will get an email recognizing you as a Founding Commish that includes information on how to set-up your first competition and invite your friends to participate. Live games will be launching again soon! Once the Annual All-Sport Host Digital Passes are sold out (there is extremely limited quantity) there will be no way to play this year (2024).

Also, as part of our strategic partnership with Chiliz, we have built a robust rewards ecosystem whereby each invited player can earn rewards based on their earned micro-fantasy sports points. Every earned 1,000 points is equivalent to $1 of Reward Value, meaning earning 100,000 points will equate to $100 of reward value. Each individual player determines when and how to accept their rewards. Only Commish invited players can earn rewards and each individual player must set up a profile on the platform to receive their reward.

Playing with your friends live during real games plus giving them the opportunity to win rewards is huge! There are only an extremely limited number of Annual All-Sport Host Digital Passes available as part of the Company's beta launch. Become a Founding Play Caller Commish now, before they sell out! 

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