Micro-Fantasy Sports Is Here

Social Micro-Fantasy Sports is a new type of fantasy sports where friends compete live in-game, in-play during pro sports games by predicting real-time outcomes. It’s no longer about setting your players, teams or lineups pre-game. Now you can compete during each key moment of a live game. Our software platform enables you to host (as a Commish) social micro-fantasy sports competitions for your friends where everyone can earn rewards for correct predictions. Buy a host digital pass to become a Play Caller Commish and launch your own private tournaments. This is the next generation of fantasy sports.


Become a Commish and Host Your Own Private Tournaments

Each Play Caller Commish can create private in-game, in-play micro-fantasy tournaments and leagues for just their friends live during their favorite pro sports games.

Here's how it works:

1) Buy a Play Caller Host Digital Pass (software license) granting you the Commish title with the ability to host private tournaments for just your friends during live pro sports games.

2) Pick a live pro sports game and invite your friends to compete with you during the live game with a private link. All competitions are free to enter for everyone.

3) Each friend predicts in-game, in-play outcomes in real-time for individual plays, drives, at-bats and possessions (for both teams and players) to earn points. The player with the most points* at the end of the game or season is the winner.

*Now Live: Players are able to redeem their points for prizes and other rewards in partnership with Chiliz, the sports blockchain. Every earned 1,000 points is equivalent to $1 of Reward Value, meaning earning 100,000 points equates to $100 of reward value.


Get Your Host Digital Passes: Limited Founding Commish Spots Now Available

This is the opportunity to become a Founding Play Caller Commish. Only a limited number of Annual All-Sport Host Digital Passes will ever be available. Annual All-Sport Host Digital Passes are available now for $99 each. This is a one-time discount to celebrate our beta launch during this year's pro football championship game.

After the pre-sale, sport-specific host digital passes will be sold for $99 each. Purchasing the Annual All-Sport Host Digital Pass provides hosting rights as a Commish to all major US pro sports (football, basketball, baseball and soccer (coming soon)) for an entire year for the price of only one sport.

Don't miss out on becoming a founding Play Caller Commish, this is a one-time company launch exclusive offer.

Become a Commish today to launch your own social in-game, in-play micro-fantasy competitions for your friends!