Micro-Fantasy Sports Is Here

Social Micro-Fantasy Sports is a new type of fantasy sports where friends compete live in-game, in-play during pro sports games by predicting real-time outcomes. It’s no longer about setting your players, teams or lineups pre-game. Now you can compete during each key moment of a live game. Our software platform enables you to host (as a Commish) social micro-fantasy sports competitions for your friends where everyone can earn rewards for correct predictions. Buy a host digital pass to become a Play Caller Commish and launch your own private tournaments. This is the next generation of fantasy sports.


Become a Commish and Host Your Own Private Tournaments

Each Play Caller Commish can create private in-game, in-play micro-fantasy tournaments and leagues for just their friends live during their favorite pro sports games.

Here's how it works:

1) Buy a Play Caller Host Digital Pass (software license) granting you the Commish title with the ability to host private tournaments for just your friends during live pro sports games.

2) Pick a live pro sports game and invite your friends to compete with you during the live game with a private link. All competitions are free to enter for everyone.

3) Each friend predicts in-game, in-play outcomes in real-time for individual plays, drives, at-bats and possessions (for both teams and players) to earn points. The player with the most points* at the end of the game or season is the winner.

*Now Live: Players are able to redeem their points for prizes and other rewards in partnership with Chiliz, the sports blockchain. Every earned 1,000 points is equivalent to $1 of Reward Value, meaning earning 100,000 points equates to $100 of reward value.


Get Your Host Digital Passes: Limited Founding Commish Spots Now Available

This is the opportunity to become a Founding Play Caller Commish. Only a limited number of Annual All-Sport Host Digital Passes will ever be available. Annual All-Sport Host Digital Passes are available now for $99 each. This is a one-time discount to celebrate our beta launch.

After the pre-sale, sport-specific host digital passes will be sold for $99 each. Purchasing the Annual All-Sport Host Digital Pass provides hosting rights as a Commish to all major US pro sports (football, basketball, baseball and soccer (coming soon)) for an entire year for the price of only one sport.

Don't miss out on becoming a founding Play Caller Commish, this is a one-time company launch exclusive offer.

Become a Commish today to launch your own social in-game, in-play micro-fantasy competitions for your friends!


Our Data Solutions

Play Caller has developed proprietary in-game, in-play player and team data solutions as well as true in-game player props with a goal of creating a new level of engagement for sports gamers seeking instant gratification and a more engaging live sports viewing experience.

Play Caller creates these in-game, in-play fantasy sports and sports betting experiences (“micro-fantasy” and “micro-betting”) via its proprietary data engine that predicts real-time game/play/possession/player outcomes based on live game activity. Play Caller delivers highly accurate data feeds and proprietary odds to support next generation gaming experiences for fantasy sports providers, sportsbooks, media companies and teams/leagues.

Play Caller currently supports the NFL, NBA and MLB with International Soccer coming soon.